How Technology Affects Healthcare

a stethoscope and a laptop

For centuries, people have been on a lookout for amenities that can give them welfare, and, apparently, the field of health is not an exception. Compared to decades ago when inventions and discoveries just hit their momentum, today’s era proves to offer more benefits for those living through it. Apart from advanced medical breakthroughs, the presence of the Internet has made it easier to access information that once only belonged to the rich. Remote consultations are now available along with product reviews, such as the review of LeanBean and other products.

a person noting medical record

As it is now a crucial aspect of life, the fact that health and technology can no longer be separated should be the fact that nobody overlooks. It is also interesting to see how both fields affect each other and what they bring for today’s generation. Thus, this article explains how technology affects healthcare and presents it through several sub-topics.

Digital Health Records

a doctor writing somethingIt was a common practice for doctors and physicians to record all the patient’s data and write it on the documents. The documents were then stored and kept in an archive room. That is pretty much what happened before the era of digitalization. Unfortunately, the doctors needed to stand all the dusty papers and documents for years until the digital version of health record was introduced. Soon, all the manual documents gave way to digital health records, making it easier to access, upload, save, and inquire about the records.

The invention brings efficiency and convenience for those who need to deal with all the data. Although it is still a subject of debates due to its security status, reports show that today’s people can pretty much depend on it. The problems of data breaches can easily be solved since certain software to prevent virus and malware is now a common thing.

Health Apps

The era of smartphones has also brought convenience for today’s people, including health enthusiasts. Health apps have been much of a help for those who need to consult with a doctor or those who are on medication. Inventors are now taking several steps further by inventing apps that help people with their diet.  Surprisingly, patients are not the only ones who can benefit from such apps as doctors can also take part. The apps will save them from hours of filling out forms, checking records, and scheduling treatments, making it an efficient way to do their job.…

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Types of Cameras That You Can Buy


Nowadays, every household seems to have at least one camera that they use to take pictures. Everyone uses their phone camera as well for a lot of things from capturing precious, funny, and important moments to keeping information. If you are looking to buy yourself a camera, there are many types that you can get depending on what you need and what do you want to do with this technological gear. Knowing your options will help you to choose which one that you want to purchase. Since the price is not low, you do not want to get something just to find out that it can not do what you want it to do.

Vlogging camera

Everyone seems to want to document their lives these days. If you are lucky and you have something to offer that makes your video interesting, then you might want to consider upgrading to a vlogging camera from your phone. Though technically you can use just any camera to vlog, YouTubers generally opt for a mirrorless that has a screen which you can flip so you can see how you look whenever you are filming.

Photography camera

From DSLR, SLR, to mirrorless, your options are endless when it comes to photography. It all goes down to preference of how you like your camera to be. But if you are wise, you know that a good photographer does not rely on fancy or expensive equipment. Choose one that you feel the most comfortable with and get used to the camera until it has become an extended part of you.

Action camera

cameraIf you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities and you wish to take pictures or videos to document the moments, then this is the camera that you need to have in your bag. It is small, portable, robust, and comes with plenty of battery or it to survive many hours. Never underestimate the power of what quality that the small action cam can deliver.


The most popular camera in these last two years is drones. The ability to take cinematic shots and beautiful pictures from the sky point of view makes everyone wants to get their hands on a drone. But you need to keep in mind that it is not easy to fly one unless you can afford the expensive one like DJI Spark where you only need your phone and a hand to fly the thing.…

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Choosing the Right Smartphone for You


When you are buying a new smartphone, you have two choices which are sticking with the brand that you have used before or trying another phone to see if you will like it better than the others. Looking for the right smartphone is not easy, there are some considerations that you need to think through.


Worry not, every smartphone these days seems to have all the qualifications to be your everyday gadget as long as you buy from trusted brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Google, and other reputable ones. Depending on your lifestyle and your purpose to have a phone, you are going to need different specifications. For example, a business person might need something that is great for taking notes, opening and editing documents like spreadsheet and papers, and video call. Think about what you are going to use the phone for and pick the specification that suits your need for a fast working gadget or something that will last long without charging.

Durability and quality

Some people can survive with a low-quality phone as long as it can perform what it needs to do. You can buy a strong case and put a screen protector for security, and you might just save yourself a lot of money that way. But if you have the budget to buy a gadget that will last you at least three or four years, then by you can always opt for Samsung, Apple, or Google.


For most people that is not a tech geek, they take the design is a huge factor in buying the gadget that they want. Though most phones now have the same shape and everything is touchscreen, they do have a lot of differences from the edges, colors, location for the home buttons, and everything else.


camera phoneAnother essential factor when choosing a phone is the camera. With the rising of social media, people like to take high-quality pictures both or the front and back camera. There are even smartphones that come with a high-resolution camera, but the body of the phone becomes the second priority.

Other features

applicationsThe development of technology makes a lot of smartphones comes with many other features. One of the common ones that you can find in a lot of phones is a fingerprint for security. Or Xiaomi for example that comes with an app that can connect with any other electronic device as the remote from TV, AC, DVD player, Projector, Camera, and other things.…

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